6 Habits Highly Addicted People and Everyone Else Could Avoid

Addicts Are People Too, You Know? The other day I received a letter promoting 1,000 Little Things Happy, Successful People Do Differently. by Marc and Angel Chernoff. With love and permission from Angel I am summarising their message. Angel begins, “You know when you’re driving to an unfamiliar place, blasting the radio while simultaneously watching your GPS spit […]

Do you want to Grow Your Blog?

Guess what? There’s bloggers out there that make six figures every year–six figures! Could you imagine that? For those who want to blog for a living, they have to figure out how to do that themselves. It’s not easy to learn. Information is scattered everywhere, platforms are constantly changing, and the best tactics are constantly […]

Self-Acceptance in the Social Media Age

Dr. Perry makes this point: Who am I when I’m posting on Social Media. Well, he doesn’t actually use those exact words, but the voice inside my head heard that!

You Can Take the Piss Out of An Alcoholic, But You Can’t Make Him Sober.

View this New Post on Medium.  Alcoholism is an equal opportunity destroyer You know, alcoholics are the funniest people! Whether you’re laughing hilariously at their outrageous stories at the bar, cacking yourself at the unfortunate accidents they’re always having, or laughing your way back to sanity in meetings, you will never find a funnier cohort. Any joke […]

The New Normal & Becoming Really Real

Maybe my chemistry is just balancing itself out? Perhaps this becoming vegan thing blended with alcohol withdrawal and my daily handful of medications is messing with my hormone levels? Levels that are already out of check and balance, like a biological budget blown out of the water.