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If you are troubled by the Christian bias of AA and need some other spirituality to stay sober, we can help you through the 12-Steps with Buddhism's wisdom.

It has been more than 15 years since Mike and I met at what became our regular Buddhist class on the Gold Coast. We have spent a great deal of time together in our spiritual studies, helping our community and learning from each other.

Gerry B.
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I have known Mike Mather for twelve years and in that time have been a grateful recipient of his ongoing kindness and gentle guidance, as I too, walk the challenging path of recovery. I have used many of his mantras during this time and one of my favourites is “Breathe, Smile, Go Slowly and Drink Water”. This was especially useful in the early days of my recovery. I have listened to and watched him continuously put into practice the tools he has learned by combining Buddhist principles with the 12 steps of AA, to arrest and manage a seemingly hopeless condition. He has done this with integrity of purpose born from deep personal pain and suffering.

Heather d.

I think I am well-placed to express how much I admire Mike for the way he has handled himself in his recovery, showing enormous strength of character not to resume his addiction despite so many difficulties along the way. He is extremely intelligent with a wicked sense of humour. His capacity for self-reflection and desire to get to the root of the problem have helped him to achieve wisdom that we all aspire to. He remains inquisitive, loving and generous, humble and disciplined.

Gerry B.

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Alcoholic but Sober Man wearing a black fedora and denim shirt

Hi, I'm Mike Mather

Caretaker at Dharmaholic

Mike Mather was an alcoholic from the first drink and attained sobriety after a 30 years stint. After nearly 3 years of AA failures, his sixth attempt was successful when he chanced upon a Tibetan Buddhist Nun that explained the path to enlightenment taught by Buddha Shakyamuni.
Since 2008 he has combined the dharma with 12-Step pragmatism to maintain happiness and peace of mind without the need for alcohol.

He writes and teaches about that journey here.

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