About My Story

karma 4My name is Mike and I’m an alcoholic, aborigine, Buddhist, father, lover, creator.

I also don’t much care for labels.

When I first started attempting my sober life (A1), I really objected to identifying as an alcoholic every time I said my name in meetings. After all, I was much more than an alcoholic, wasn’t I?

I had been a father for five children since I was 17 years old. I had been married once and tried to live with another woman for 13 years and another one for 2 years.

There had been those wonderful (failed) enterprises that I was the leader of including Squash Court owner, Insurance Broker, Real Estate office owner, and the purveyor of many fine products and services.

My sisters and parents still talked to me sometimes, so I must have been an appropriate if not an excellent family contributor.

And let’s not forget all together all the wonderful university and college courses that I had almost finished…surely I was a student of life, love, flora, and fauna!

Oh, SHIT! That’s right. I am an alcoholic.