Your Life Can Change Really Rapidly if You Stay Aware

Yoga teacher Buddhist Alcoholic
Yoga teacher Buddhist Alcoholic
Erin Butterfly by Erin Lanahan

Life Changing Serendipitous Happenstance

My life has been a roller-coaster fun ride since I joined Medium and became aware of the changes afoot.

It’s a long and very brief story.

Long because it has involved many parts and spooky miracles.

Brief, because my Medium journey just began in 2018.

Let’s start at today.

My dear friend Erin who lives across the planet wrote to me via Messenger today.

Hey, Michael! What’s up friend!

OK, I am writing you because I have a sweet little proposal for you”


It was 6.30 in the morning and I was pleasantly surprised. She went on…

…something about, “feminine AND the masculine are rising, evolving, and thriving. Rising up within ourselves, rising in love together, rising as parents, rising in the community, rising as leaders, and rising as humanity.”

Social Connections

Well, I have been involved in Tom Kuegler’s Medium Mastermind Course in February, and Pat Flynn’s branding and eBook courses in March.

Yesterday, I made a list of the 10 top influencers that I wanted to reach out to this month AND, I forgot to add Erin Lanahan!

So, she contacted ME!

She continues,

“I have discovered a format/structure that works profoundly well with my women’s groups and I’m wanting to find out if this is equally as powerful and effective for men…”

The Miracles Continue

Buddhist yogini in Sunset
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

My town Gold Coast is host to the Commonwealth Games this week so there are many unique faces walking around the place.

But I realise today, that I can be with beautiful and unique people EVERY DAY, through the power of the internet.

Erin and I have hugged and meditated, yoga’d and laughed together. Now she is in the USA again we can still be together here on the World Wide Webbythingy.

The Year Thus Far

This year I have had the privilege of learning from and working with Frank in The Tribe Builders Network and Nicole in The Inkwell Writers Group.


I was part of The Grow Your Blog Webinar, that included segments from Tiffany SunAnthony Moore and Lincoln W Daniel.

I felt I was face to face with Chris Brogan and Kris Gage.

Thank you to all the beautiful people who have added so much to my life this year, some without even knowing it.

The reading in Medium is an absolute Pandora’s Box of ideas and knowledge, opinions and perspectives.

Most of all though, the opportunity to live and learn from such excellent people from many sectors of business and science and to interact immediately in these media is an outstanding privilege.


I’ll finish this article with the closing message from Erin’s Messenger text to me this morning:

Please let me know your thoughts, suggestions, questions, and feedback! I am all ears!!!Is this something that sounds interesting to you?

Much Love,


love alwaz

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