Will You Recover From This Secular Life — God Knows

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Addiction to alcohol is a debilitating and life-long disease.

It is estimated that 1 in 10 adults in the ‘West’ will be alcoholic in their lifetime (I can’t quote the source for this so let’s assume it’s close for the time being).

It doesn’t really matter for this discussion.

I read yesterday that there are only two types of people today — Addicts That Are in Recovery and Those Who Are Not.

Which makes me, a recovering alcoholic, feel a little better about myself for a while.

Everybody is Addicted

It’s not pleasant to think that the whole world has become addicted to something — an act, substance or pattern of behaviour — but it just may be true.

I wrote earlier that perhaps our basic instincts of Sex, Security and Society may have gone awry in the practising alcoholic.

This is also true for all but the sanest of us all, and the symptoms are clear to see.


Illicit drug use
Over the Counter drug addiction
Fast food addiction in varying degrees
Technology addiction
Compulsive Behaviour
Obsessive Behaviour
Helicopter parenting
Compulsive Lying
Positive thinking
Negative thinking
Tourette’s Syndrome and other neuropsychiatric disorders.

This is not a scientific article and these are not necessarily all addictions. It does raise the question of what is going on in the 21st Century society and where it’s heading.

Secular Life

Does the secularisation of western society correlate with the rise of addictions?

That’s impossible to discern, but the success of 12 Step Program depends upon the member finding a Higher Power.

In The Society of Applied Psychology website, Carl Jung’s influence on the early AA movement was noted.

“He was the first and only thinker in the field of psychoanalysis to grasp the underlying secret of enduring recovery from addiction. Alcoholism, he believed, involves a spiritual thirst for a sense of wholeness — the true secret of its numinous power and the reason why a person can be led to an addiction.”

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Will we find in the centuries to come that the 20th Century Human, and her children, were so sick that they thought they were well?

Denial is the first symptom of addiction.

love alwaz

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