Stop Scratching Scabies with Darren Hardy and Pema Chodron

Scabies is an irritation that scratching makes worse. Alcoholism is like an irresistible urge that drinking makes worse. During an unusual but stimulating start to my day today, I had the pleasure of inviting two ‘greats’ into my home and mind. At 5.00 am local time I had a webinar (sales pitch) from Darren Hardy […]

4 Emotions You Can Do Without

Reported in the Proceedings of The National Academy of Sciences of The USA, Alan Cowen and Dacher Keltner write that we have 27 varieties of reported emotional experience. You can read their report here because two years studying Science at Uni has proved to me that I’m not a great extrapolator. (I’ll try)

HS&FA Summary Mindmap

Pat Flynn says in his outstanding book, ‘Will It Fly’, to write 400-500 words on what HS&FA podcast is about. At first, I thought this is silly because the podcast is about alcoholism recovery done through the lens of a Buddhist. That’s what everything at Dharmaholic is about. The podcast is just another delivery medium. […]

How I Overcame Addiction – You Will Too

I drank alcoholically for 30 years and now I don’t. In the beginning, I was a guts for alcohol even though I didn’t get my hands on it very often. I was about 13. Weddings were good, because a.) it was okay to let the kids have one or two sips…it’s funny even! And b.) […]