Stop Fearing God! (False Evidence Appearing Real)

Have you ever heard of the acronym F.E.A.R. — false evidence appearing real?

It’s in common usage in 12 Step Meetings to help the newcomer overcome obstacles in the early days of recovery. There are many!

Denial, the first of the obstacles, is usually overcome (or not) within the first days. No one, whether alcoholic or not, is going to any great lengths to get sober unless the denial is quashed absolutely.

False evidence that you may be able to hold down a job, keep a relationship going, and stay out of jail may lead you to the erroneous conclusion that you are not an addict when in fact you are.

The second premise of AA recovery is that we came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

Here, there are plenty of things to get wrong — if you want to continue on the disastrous journey into alcoholic annihilation.

  • Sanity? Who is insane?
  • God? Who’s God?
  • Believe? I’ll believe it when I see it!

No. There ain’t going to be no cake unless you eat your veggies.

For the suffering alcoholic who has come this far there are but few alternatives. It seems that only complete annihilation of body, mind and spirit will motivate him to seek help from other people or something worse…A HIGHER POWER!

Spoiler alert. We do bury a lot of members.

However, for you who have decided to tow the company line, we have some treats in store.

It’s not that bad, and no one will laugh.

You can recover like millions who have in the last 83 years.

Having spiritual growth doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your Mastercard and door knock on weekends. In fact, it’s the best thing that has happened to most alcoholics that are in recovery.

Look, being in the choir is not what Spiritual Experience is all about. In the case of alcoholics like me, it’s about realising that all my ‘best thinking’ has done so far has got me drunk for a few decades and into a shit of a hole.

Spiritual Experience IS about meditation.

For some at least, it IS about giving and loving. If giving and loving is conceivable to you then how about receiving the love and gifts of your own Higher Power.

Don’t despair if God for you has been a fearful god and something to avoid at all costs. Letting go of our self-will in order to recover is perfectly logical considering our will got us to rock bottom! (insane, huh?)

And no one is going to tell you what to believe.

I wasn’t happy with my concept of a Higher Power so I got a new one.

Now, happily sober and Buddhist for over nine years, I can’t possibly conceive of a life of drinking let alone an existence without the Buddha’s in my mind.

Lastly, before you go. Here is a little bit advice from Atisha, the 10th Century monk who I love so much and who has informed Spiritual Guides all the way down to my guy…

“Avoid friends who cause you to increase delusions, and only rely upon those who increase your virtue. This you should take to heart.
Dedicate your virtues throughout the day and the night, and always watch your mind.”

love alwaz

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