Step One



I am guessing that most people pause to reassess their lives at the beginning of the new Gregorian calendar year.  Am I right?

If so, by the sixteenth of January, most of us are well and truly disappointed with ourselves for returning to old habits – the ones we had firm resolution to conquer THIS year.

But if your habits are killing you, physically and spiritually, then maybe New Year is not the time for a psychic overhaul.  Anytime would be a good time and probably just before that would be even better!

However, those of us who are so blessed with life-threatening habits or illnesses of the mind often have a lot of resistance to our solutions. We want to stop this or that and the other thing too.  It’s just harder than one minute of planking and a daily walk.

I guess Step One is realising that there is a problem and deciding to do something about it.  This realisation usually comes to the alcoholic or drug addict by way of hospitalisation, sentencing by a magistrate, intervention by medicos or loved ones, or some such speed bump in the continuum of our journey.

If Step One never comes than even more severe events occur.

A friend of mine died last week in the very youth of his life.  I wish he hadn’t.

Stefan had been in recovery, and then out of recovery and finally couldn’t stay with us any longer.  I don’t know why.

There was a memorial of his life on Saturday where many recovering and using addicts joined together in prayer and shared mourning.  I hope someone there made their first step.

love alwaz


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