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Who are you?

If you are here for help with addiction – either your own or others – here is a great place to begin to know each other better. My ‘About page’ has my story.

We really want to slowly get to know you better in order to help you the best way possible. If you are comfortable answering a few questions I can direst you to the best pages possible FOR YOU.

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What can we help you with today?


Hi. I’m so glad you could make it. Many don’t. But you’re here now and We want to give you some tools to use to change your addiction around.Our favourite quote is, “When you start recovery you only have two problems.

1. Addiction
2. Everything Else


Great. There is a lot of help available both here and ‘out there’ – and God knows, you need it. Addicts  are hard work and the loved one is usually already really sick too, before they ask for help.


You are a really sick Puppy. Nah, just kidding! The whole world suffers with addiction of some form depending on your view and definition. Anthropological study will view this period of human history to be a fascinating time of turmoil and change.


 The answers to all the worlds problems and the ‘WHY?’ of everything is usually not found in just one book. The simplicity of this ancient belief system is pretty all encompassing tho’, and the more you meditate the worse it gets (Hahaha). It’s turtles all the way down from there.

Alcoholism and Buddhism makes a perfect hatter