Stages of The Path

A range of coincidents occurred when I finally had my last alcoholic drink.

The best one, and the one I always include in my story is the chance meeting of my Spiritual Teacher. At death’s door and mindlessly wandering through the streets of my coastal suburb I happened upon a gift store that specialises in incense, dream catchers, jewellery and crystals.

You know the type of refuge these stores can provide when you’re running away but have nowhere to run.

As I paid for my essential oils or whatever I bought I glanced down at the counter and discovered an advertising flyer on glossy semi-hard cardboard with a beautiful image of some buddha-like being in meditative equipoise.

The event being promoted was an Introductory Meditation class to be held in my neighbouring suburb next Thursday night. It was something I have always wanted to go to but never did. I went.

I had that same week begun my sixth attempt at recovery from alcoholism and was taking Champix to reduce my addiction to cigarettes so you can imagine the state of mind I was in. I was completely mad, but I was soon to realise the extent of my madness. I was about to enter the realm of serious Buddhism student and sober alcoholic rolled un-neatly into one gloriously mad package.

I went to a meeting every day as was suggested by the older, sober members. I went to the meditation class the next Thursday night and I haven’t had a drink for nine years. So what went right?

In my humble opinion, I will never know exactly what worked, and so I have named my series of insights, “Considerations and Coincidents”. I hope that by exploring the story in public we will accomplish two goals.

Goal One: Understand the mechanisms and machinations of addiction recovery and self-discovery a little more.

Goal Two: Help others to achieve sobriety, enlightenment or at the very least smile at themselves and perhaps stop beating themselves up (as we do).

love alwaz

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