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Dharmaholic presents the 

sober and sane course

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Daily in your email inbox,

we will deliver the elements that will help you find peace and happiness in your sober recovery.

Whether you have just put down your last drink or have been sober for a while and need some extra peace and quiet in your head...

The Sober and Sane course

...presents the prompts and steps to take you from scrambled to serene.

Thank you from Mike and Dharmaholic

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Over the next week, you will receive a daily email with one module of the

Sober and Sane Course.

The more that you put the suggestions into place, the better you will feel. This is all about the process of feeling more peace and happiness in recovery – and that is not always easy.

With all the difficulties that we used to solve with alcohol still there and now the craving. Understand that the craving will pass soon after you do something else. There are plenty of suggestions to help with those moments.

"Whatsoever things common to man, that man has done, man can do". Marcus Garvey
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