Morality – What’s It Really Good For?

Moral Discipline

My morals ain’t your morals.


This was my first objection when I began learning Buddha’s teachings because I had abandoned my Church 25 years ago and was extremely independent thinking. I even thought my way into bankruptcy addiction, several divorces, and the gutter ultimately.


This was surely one of the reasons that I didn’t get sober straight away in the AA rooms – I simply couldn’t release my (ego’s) stubborn beliefs.  I was right, no matter how miserable it made me and others.


So, what are the Buddha’s morals and why does Mikey Mather live by them now?


Avoid killing, avoid stealing, avoid lying, avoid sexual misconduct and avoid intoxicants. There. They look reasonable, don’t they?

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I could not argue that following these principles was not a better way to live than the way I had ended up. In fact, they would have been for me, better than the Ten Commandment that I didn’t keep beforehand.


The major point here is that we are looking for a way out and a way forward, yeah?


In order to attain and maintain a life beyond addiction, certain new ideas need to be implemented and to look towards a 2,500-year-old system of living is a great place to start. These five disciplines are easy and fecund (I love this word).


  • Keeping your own set of moral disciplines may include
  • Be kind to all creatures
  • Love our neighbour
  • Stop before saying negative things about someone
  • Take out the garbage before bed

Anything that you can be more mindful will do for now.  It has been 10 years now since I took my lay-person vows and frankly, it is like brushing my teeth now – I take it for granted mostly.  See also Darren Littlejohn’s great book “The Power of Vow”.


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