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Pat Flynn says in his outstanding book, ‘Will It Fly’, to write 400-500 words on what HS&FA podcast is about.

At first, I thought this is silly because the podcast is about alcoholism recovery done through the lens of a Buddhist. That’s what everything at Dharmaholic is about. The podcast is just another delivery medium. Yeah?

Well, no.

He had me do a mind map – which I did in a ten-minute brainstorm with the free software ‘Mind Meister’.

I had 5 or 6 different colored pencils and the timer on my phone set to 10 minutes. I grabbed a freshly brewed coffee and some distilled water. Set to go.

On the artist’s sketchbook that I use for all visualizations, I began to write down the first ideas that I had already accumulated for the podcast.

I mean, I had already done Pat’s elementary course on How to Start A Podcast and now into the serious course Power-Up Podcasting, I am flying with ideas and notes.

What happened next was astounding. I shifted consciousness.

The ideas that I was writing down were not me. It was extraordinary to believe that these ideas were coming from me.

It was as if the shackles of my fixed mind had been loosed and I had become a creative, as if for the first time.

I covered the whole page and checked my timer – still 3.17 minutes to go.

Alcoholic Buddhist at work at her desk
Photo by jeshoots on Unsplash

More Ideas

Moving the book sideways and upside down, I added more ideas. They were less impressive, but I was amazed at how much more there was after I had given up hope that there was anything else I could possibly talk about on the matter of addiction and Buddhism.

Ten minutes can be a long time I guess. If you’re waiting to be hanged in the gallows I guess it might seem like a long time. Watching someone about to be murdered in a TV show can be suspenseful and 10 minutes would certainly be too long.

I wondered how long 10 minutes would seem like when I am actually recording. Have you ever been asked to speak publicly for 10 minutes?

Finally, the timer went on my new HTC 11 smartphone and I couldn’t see in the bright sunlight of my patio how to stop it but I finally shut the thing up.

So here are 400-500 words that I wrote about the page full of ideas I wrote about my forthcoming podcast, Happy Sober & Frickin Awesome.

I am instructed by Pat to find a similarity in the words that I have blurted on to my page and find some order in the chaos. I find 3 ways to group the ideas.

  • Informationals
  • Elements of Addiction
  • Literary Rarities

These groupings had not even occurred to me before doing the exercise, and now typing them into the nifty software thing, I am over-excited. This feels real.


Informationals are summarised as conversations with other experts or thought leaders on topics about addiction, health and mind in different formats, such as Interview, Guest Speaker, Phone-In, and Recovery Comparisons.

The short form podcast…

The short form podcast (less than 30 minutes) could introduce interesting speakers, guests, and listeners to the conversations around recovery, sickness, and symptoms of the addict and families of addicts.

Elements of Addiction

In this series, I envisioned the symptoms of alcoholism and drug addiction – any non-substance abuse as well, being broken down and discussed in depth. The audience participation would be important to keep the direction of the series on matters that are interesting to the listener, not to me and my ego.

Literary Rarities

This strange title came to me to summarise all the other bits of idea-fragments that came to me unintentionally. They include Poetry, Musical segments, Drama, Comedy, and Reviews of other online or offline Literature that pertains to us addicts.

Some of the ideas that spewed forth from my mind were, “When Harry Met Trevor”. “A Parents Lament”, The Funeral Of Audie C.” and “Musicians 4 Addiction”. There could be “Poetry Corner” (or poetry coroner?), “Famous Alkies”, and “101 AA Sayings You’d Rather Forget”.

As there are so many Creatives that have addiction problems I reckon I could run this series alone for the next 10 years and never run out of ideas. If there is anyone reading this that has another podcast in the same space they’re welcome to steal my concepts, cause I can’t believe how many more shit ideas that I have. It’s never-ending. Brainstorming is CRAZY!


I planned to release the first episode on July 31st, Australian time. That just means that if you live anywhere else except NZ, I’ll be ahead of you. July 31st it is! (I’m as nervous as all shit!)

‘They’ say that if you look back at your early work and AREN’T embarrassed then you waited too long to release it!

So I’m looking forward to embarrassing myself a lot in the coming weeks and I hope the whole world tunes in to laugh at me. At least Dad is dead and Mum has Alzheimer’s.

Love alwaz

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