How 6 Words Will Change Your Addicted Life Around…Forever

If you are looking for an alcoholism definition you won’t find it here. After 12 plus years of meetings, reading, and praying I am yet to find it. Is alcoholism a disease? I don’t know.

I love all the Dr. Gabor Mate says about the feelings of addicts and the trauma that seems to cause it, however, the genetic predisposition theory stills bets credence from scientific research.

  1. Awareness

The opposite in this paradigm is denial, and we all have heard about addiction denial. If you cannot see that the drug of choice or addictive behavior is causing damage and you are incapable of stopping then there is denial and a lack of awareness.

And that’s okay.

Every person that I know of that is now living a life of fulfillment and gratitude has been in denial.

When you are aware of your shortcomings you are able to make great improvements in your relations with others and life becomes easier, instantly. Even becoming aware of how much money your addiction is costing will soon turn into instant wealth.

Your health can begin to correct and your mind will become clearer replacing happiness and clarity in the fog and depression of the old state.

Becoming aware has been the subject of most lectures on morality and the purpose of all major religions.

The Christ taught that I am the way and the light, and all that believeth in me will know the father. Contextually this can point to the idea of learning to be open to the concept of spirituality and the connectedness of all beings.

Prince Siddhartha as Buddha Shakyamuni pronounced the wisdom of equanimity. Here we learn that all sentient beings have been my mother throughout the beginningless time. If I do harm to a single creature I am in fact harming my mother. This may be your belief or not, but the awareness of all beings is a beautiful way to be mindful of the world around you.

In addiction recovery, awareness refers to knowing the consequences of our actions and inactions.

Photo by Tom Barrett on Unsplash2. Acceptance

2. Acceptance

Accepting you are an alcoholic can be the most beneficial things that you will do if you are an alcoholic like me.

Once you accept that you are an addict the mind becomes willing then to accept help. It is said that “We can’t do this alone.”

Acceptance leads me to understand that the universe in which I live is very connected and no one walks alone. Accept this and life is much smoother and complex problems waft away on the breeze of possibility.

3. Action

Having realized there is a problem and accepted your pain as fixable, action steps will become clearer. THEY MUST BE DONE.

Faith without works is an oft said platitude with real meaning here. You can believe you will get better, accept help from others like sponsors and therapists but unless a real change occurs and new habits created nothing mends.

In my case, I had 2 and ½ years more of being dragged along the bottom of my hell before enlightenment.

N.B. enlightenment can mean becoming lighter as well as the ultimate experience of Nirvana.

Having things to do that you know are going to bring success and happiness is a welcome change to thoughtlessly being driven to death by no choice of your own. Drug addiction is like…

4. Attitude

Have an Attitude of Gratitude, they say.

I was in bed last night with my beloved after an arduous day of work, study and listening to our ego’s negative shit. It doesn’t happen often but when it does it helps to have some tools at hand.

We began going through all the things about our wonderful, sober life that we are grateful for. Health is usually excellent with no hangovers and vomiting or diarrhea.

We have money left over after having all the food and petrol we need each fortnight.

Our children love being in our lives and the grandchildren don’t remember grandma being too pissed to pull her own pants up.

We have work and University and intelligent conversations to bring mental nourishment each day.

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The friends we have made in sobriety love us for who we really are. We are often invited to dinner and parties.

We live in the best location in the world (in our humble opinion)

We are free to vote, protest and congregate. (No prison real or inferred)

5. Attention

If you want to transform something you have an intention. And to keep something going in the right direction, like our sobriety, we must pay attention to certain details. If I want my partner to stay happy and live with me, paying attention to putting the toilet seat down is a minimum. Flowers once in a while is good, and farting in private is a better choice than the Dutch Oven (apologies to The Netherlands). Maintaining the purpose of our achievements is so important as it is so easy to fall back into unhelpful old habits that brought us to our knees in the past.

Meeting, meditation and healthy living patterns spring to mind.

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

6. Altruism

Having achieved sobriety tried to increase our conscious contact with our GREATER POWER and help other alcoholics achieve sobriety. This is a summary of steps 11 and 12 of AA’s sacred program.

You know, the real benefit of obtaining longer-term sobriety is helping others. I’m not saying this as some sort of evangelist, but rather from personal experience and growth.

I have been FORTUNATE to help many people in ways that I had previously not been able to.

Through paying attention to spiritual precepts given me by the lineage of Buddhist teachers that culminated in my current teacher, I am understanding the love of one being to another and how that can manifest.

By applying the principles of giving and sharing concepts of recovery I enjoy the gifts of sobriety more each year.

The money that I spend on other people is directly returned to me via other rewards, material and spiritual. It’s simply the best investment program I have ever seen.

Furthermore, my attitude of wanting to help before receiving is a blessing in my dealings with my online and offline contacts. I can’t emphasize this too much. The more I give the greater are my rewards.

love alwaz


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