Holy Spirit of Buddha, Batman! Kaaapoooow !#/*%!

Breathing Under Water

In ‘Breathing Under Water’, Richard Rohr speaks a lot about the Holy Spirit. I love talking about the Holy Spirit because when I GOT sober, meaning when I finally began to not drink and follow another path, The Holy Spirit was the best term I could think of to describe my connection to a Higher Power. I then discovered Buddhist-speak and I have a better idea now of what that feeling meant.

The Holy Spirit and Buddha-nature are nearly the same to me. When I think about dharma I think about Jesus teachings too. When I feel the Holy Spirit I feel Buddha-nature. My original pure Self that still exists is the Holy Spirit in me. The teachings of Jesus and the teachings of Buddha then represent the two paths up the mountain that I AM FAMILIAR WITH. There are others I believe but I don’t need to go that way, and I respect others who do.

Interviewing BBQ Bob on Friday, he spoke about his path and ideas of Spirituality. With respect, we agree on basics however there is a communication problem. He does not articulate well and I have limited hearing. Is this the essence of Global conflict??? Hahahaha – just laughing at myself.

When I was young, and 1000’s of years ago when I was more ‘Native’ than I am now, the world was simpler. How wonderful it would be to go there more often. (Mediate you Bastard)

Shame and The Eight Steps To Happiness

Peace Out

I yearn for the peace and calm that pervades the original spirituality that I still have. Can we get there in yoga?

Is meditation the only way other than death?

How long in Bardo will I experience this or will I at all?

Am I the Buddha in disguise? I think so.

I am not myself, and I am helpful to others! If I react less on egoic grounds and help others more maybe I can be more Buddh-ish. Jesus-ish? Spiritualish? The Podcast called Spiritualish is becoming one of my favourites – but I have a hearing problem with THEM too. (Who are THEM?)

Are the processes of sobriety and spiritual enlightenment drawing me closer to Creation, creativity, creative art? I like this.

Photo by Dmitry Sovyak on Unsplash

No Pain – No Addiction

Joe Polish asks at Genius Recovery ‘Ask not why the addiction – But why the pain?’. In Joe’s interview with Dr Gabor Mate, Gabor says that ‘addiction wasn’t the problem, but our way of solving the problem’. The pain is the problem.

Some will say that duality is the pain that we’re trying to solve for. Others will cite the lack of caregiver’s attention and cultural, intergenerational trauma. Pain, pain, pain.

At this stage of my recovery, I am thinking and feeling that lack of connection to a Higher Power and with others has been my pain and the resolution of that pain has been re-connection. And it didn’t happen ‘Just like THAT.’ It took a while.

It’s still getting better.

The key to the progression of my recovery now is letting go. Letting go was critical in the beginning and it’s vital now. The more I get in the way the worse off I am although I have to do the work.

And if that sounds paradoxical, welcome to my world.

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