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The truth about alcoholism is that it is no joke.

It is not funny what happens to the families that live with the alcoholics predictably unpredictable behavior.

The consequences of a life of alcohol abuse on the body, mind, and spirit are no laughing matter. And despite this, we laugh at the larrikinism and we laugh at the silly accidents, and we even chuckle about memories of ‘Remember when…”

So I went online to Youtube to search for Happy and Sober vids. There were a few there that caught my eye. The first one is a little serious and it’s a really well designed and shot a short film about being happy in ones’ sobriety.

Gareth Bowler has produced a beautiful short overview of his friend, Kenny’s struggle with himself and the disease. It’s poignant and personal and uplifting without being sickly or dramatic.

This one is a compilation of some famous and not-so-famous people talking about the alcoholic plight, ramifications, and victims.

love alwaz

June 1 is the official launch of Happy Campus, the Community Page.

Please check it out and join in if you’re alcoholic, drug addicted, sober, or just curious.

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