Fear of Missing Out and Alcoholism

Alcoholism can help relationships


How much does FOMA influence someone to NOT quit a dangerous and potentially life-ending malady?

It’s time to FACE UP TO FOMA and have a Frickin Awesome Life!

The pace of life in 2018 is something to behold. Some people my age would sound preachy talking about how things were better when life was a bit slower, but I love it.

I have thousands of friends that I’ve never met, I can see what’s happening around the world instantly as it happens, and whatever I’m interested right now is available to me via Kindle, Youtube or iTunes.

That’s because I’m sober.

When I was drinking I would have three large wines before 7.00 am so that I could face the world, and even then, my world involved listening to the wisdom of all the other alcoholics that I met every single day at the drinking hole I went to.

The Real Problem

Since then I have met men and women of all ages that have the same disease as me, and the hardest two things to come to grips with is:

  1. How am I going to be happy when I give up
  2. How to stop and stay stopped

There is plenty to learn about this and today this article will discuss the WHY.

Drinking alcohol is no good for your health
Photo by Pooja Chaudhary on Unsplash

I think being sober is frickin’ awesome but I didn’t always think this way. When my girlfriend dragged me into my first meeting 13 years ago, I was nearly dead, and still enjoying being drunk all the time. I didn’t know how close to death I was, but my doctor said he’d never seen a liver function test result like mine in his 40-year career.

I’m 10 years sober and loving life now. You can too if you are ready and have enough WHYs.

Here’s three:

Health and Breath

If you are used to drinking more than 2 glasses at a time and several days per week than you will love being sober for the genuine zeal of being alive. This won’t happen overnight but it will happen. And – you’re breath will smell better ALL the time.

BBQ Bob is a friend of mine who asked me to help him after three weeks in a hospital and a month of meetings wasn’t making him feel all that happy to be alive. But at least he was alive.

Over the next year, we did the Steps to the best of his ability and he came to live with me for a short while before meeting a girl and getting married. He is now re-involved in the church he was forced to leave.


In an alcohol affected relationships, there is usually two sick people – the drinker and the co-dependent.

A lot of work needs to be done here, but the couple can survive.

Sara was an alcoholic and left Sydney to get away from her old playmates, including the guy she loved.

After putting down the bottle finally, she met a man in the fellowship and even though this partnership didn’t work, Sara was getting better at being Sara and now she’s back with the guy from Sydney and they have a baby and moving forward.


Alcoholics are notorious for having big egos and low self-esteem – crazy, huh?

I felt like I knew better than most people that I came across however my Dad had constantly shouted at me for being an idiot and despite good grades at school, I still believed that I was ‘less-than’.

In my sober decade, I have received a Diploma and am studying for a degree in Environmental Science plus writing and podcasting. My life is full and I’m happy that I can do what I want to do and help others to achieve similar goals.

The fear of missing out is as phoney as all of our other fears, and learning to live in the moment and doing the next right thing is two of the things I have relied upon for Frickin Awesome happiness since my last drink.

If you like the feel of this article and are thinking you would like to give sobriety a go, try my easy 5 part course, “Stop Drinking – Start Living”.

Love alwaz


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