Are You Crying Out For Connection?

Connection Deficit

“First I want to say how sorry I am that you or someone you love is struggling with addiction. I know firsthand how painful it is. Addiction nearly killed me when I was 18 years old.”

Joe Polish begins his welcome letter with this heart-wrenching sentence.

What is so heart-wrenching about this?

I’ll tell you.

Around 10-12% of the adult people in the civilised world are addicted to something life-threatening like drugs or alcohol and most of them will never read that thank you letter.

Joe and his partner in the new book ‘Miracle Morning for Addiction Recovery’, Anna David, along with TMM author Hal Elrod, have changed my life.

Life Changer

I read this book last Saturday and I am a different guy today, 5 days later.

But millions of addicts today are dying or wish they were dead. I remember the feeling of throwing up, looking in the mirror and not having the guts to end it, nor the power to stop drinking.

Joe and Anna have a podcast circulating this week on both their podcasts, that talks about the book, the program and the principles behind the program.

Affirmations: You may have been aware of the power of affirmations, as I have, but something about this presentation has made my new affirmations different and more effective.

I can say to myself now that “I have Unending Faith and Inexhaustible Effort” now and feel the change. It means that every morning I get up and meditate and exercise with a zeal that 10 years of Buddhism School and AA never gave me alone.

It also means that every day this week I have posted on Medium and my website.


On their podcast, there is mention of the H.A.L.T.s. In 12 step fellowship language this acronym stands for Hungry, Angry, Lonely and Tired.

What is new about this dialogue is the notion that hungry is not just the lack of food but the need for connection, love, or understanding.

Which resonates so loudly with me having been a huge fan of Brene Brown’s for a decade. Vulnerability is something that the addict avoids at all cost and is the secret sauce of recovering from shame-based family abuse which can be at the heart of addiction.

Hungry Heart


Bruce Springsteen told us 40 years ago or more, ‘Everybody’s Got a Hungry Heart”.

If you are in addiction or in Recovery and feeling like shit, I urge you to get a copy of ‘Miracle Morning for Addiction Recovery’, by Hal Elrod, Anna David and Joe Polish.

And you can connect with our little neck of the woods at Happy Campus. (hahahaha)

Love alwaz

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