Research Reveals Top 10 Tips for Happier, Compassionate, and More Resilient Life.

Today, I want to shout out for the Greater Good Science Centre at Berkeley University. An article published by them at the beginning of the year is a hell of a great read and is summarised me below. From “The Top 10 Insights from the “Science of a Meaningful Life” in 2017″- 1. Experience your emotions Our […]


4 Groovy Things You Might Want to Know About Buddhism

Peace. Love and Mung Beans To the uninitiated, Buddhism is a lovely peaceful study undertaken to attain enlightenment by some really lovely people who bow and smile a lot. Ha! Most dharma practitioners that I have met are as sick as you are. The significant difference if I can find one is that Buddhist in the […]

8 Steps to Getting More of What You Want

Want less Want less Want less Want less Want less Want less Want less Want less More information A famous dictum of Buddhism is ‘be happy: desire less’. Don’t you think that is wisdom at it’s elementary best? Most of us need more explicit instructions. Our lives are so complex. In the 11th Century, a […]

Hope Will Only Get You So Far in Recovery

Photo: Christopher Burns at Unsplash Anyone who has been around addiction recovery will realise that there is more to success than a simple formula or cliche mantras. It takes what it takes, and sometimes it’s a mystery. Trying and Crying It took me two and a half years of trying and crying before I finally had my last […]

Stop Fearing God! (False Evidence Appearing Real)

Have you ever heard of the acronym F.E.A.R. — false evidence appearing real? It’s in common usage in 12 Step Meetings to help the newcomer overcome obstacles in the early days of recovery. There are many! Denial, the first of the obstacles, is usually overcome (or not) within the first days. No one, whether alcoholic […]