Alcoholics and buddhists pray to a Higher Power or God

Yourself, God, and Another Human Being

Alcoholism Alcoholism is a broad shit-load of experience. It affects not only the drinker but just about everyone that comes in contact with s/he! Why we have to express our remorse out loud I will try to explain here. We don’t leave primary school and think to ourselves, “Now, let’s go learn how to piss […]

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Happy and Sober Video

The truth about alcoholism is that it is no joke. It is not funny what happens to the families that live with the alcoholics predictably unpredictable behavior. The consequences of a life of alcohol abuse on the body, mind, and spirit are no laughing matter. And despite this, we laugh at the larrikinism and we […]

Alcoholics are all Buddhas

Top 5 Tips For Addiction – Buddha

Buddhism in the west is a funny animal. Addiction in the west is Hilarious! Of all the World’s big problems today, Addiction is the biggest and here’s why – plus how Dharma can help you with it. In this article, I shall discuss, Why addiction is big How Dharma can fix you Everyone has addiction […]

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Is Scaring You Shitless

Alcoholism and Addiction to drugs are the tips of the iceberg in terms of cultural malfunction. The 21st Century western society is a hotbed of personal tragedy and until we name the culprit, it’s not going to get any better. Shame is to blame. I am not expert in the fields of human development and […]