If You Need Someone – Call Your Name

WIth Buddhism alcoholics can have beautiful babies

Looking to outside sources for solutions is akin to blaming outside circumstances for your feelings.

“He who belies his talent, the born painter who sells stockings instead the intelligent man who lives a stupid life, the man who sees the truth and keeps his mouth shut, the coward who gives up his manliness, all these people perceive in a deep way that they have done wrong to themselves and despise themselves for it. Out of this self-punishment may come only neurosis, but there may equally come renewed courage, righteous indignation, increased self-respect, because of thereafter doing the right thing; in a word, growth and improvement can come through pain and conflict.” Abraham Maslow, Toward a Psychology of Being

As reported in Goodreads, Maslow’s popularity lies in that “(He)…doesn’t pretend to have easy answers, absolutes, or solutions that bring the relief of finality, but he does have a deep belief in people”


But I feel like I’d be the King of Righteous Indignation if that was such a nation!

How often do we also feel the Shame of cowardice when we know something to be wrong and do nothing?

Do you not feel stupid at least once a day when you are swanning around behaving intelligent?

Aren’t we all guilty sometimes of doing what is deemed responsible when all that we want to do is sing, “All you need is love”?

Positive Humanism

Maslow has been calling us for decades now.

His positive humanism urges us to look deeply into our hearts and finally chip away at the cultural shield that we have around it and scream…

“It’s time to be me, now!”

Considering in this century we can have it all…work from ‘wherever’…and BE whoever we want to be…it’s alarming how many mental health pills we are taking, the rise and rise of addictions, and the daily shootings that indicate a Cultural Malaise bigger than just self-actualisation issues.

Personal Responsibility

Personal responsibility is my mantra and yet this too has a maddening effect.

My psychologist tells me a lot of Buddhists feel this way!!!!


Taking my Escitalopram too early can make me fall asleep at AA!

“If only I could find a Yoga Studio closer to my favourite bakery!”

‘THE’ Year

So, in this THE YEAR in which I finally face all my demons and get a grip, nurture my inner child and develop self-awareness, I’m just a little wary — just a tad cautious.

‘Cos, I have been on this path before, (or at least it LOOKS like this path) and the “Falling off of the wagon” is a big fat downer.

Worse than the glib comments from my friends and family is the derogative self-talk that reminds me that “You’ll never change”.

This is THE YEAR in which I become the Creator, and not the Victim or the Survivor,

Alcoholic Buddhist in jumping mood
Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash


It’s time.

It’s time to drop the negative self-talk.

Persistence will be my middle name and determination, my closest friend.

No longer can I stay content with mediocrity or being Okay! Spread your tiny wings and fly away.

See you at the dance. Love alwaz

p.s. I have opened up a new Community Place for Sober & Happy, or Happy, or Sober or Anyone really. It’s called ‘Happy Campus’.

Go there now and BE HAPPY!

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