Being Sober Is Something You Learn How To Do.

I have a special privilege today to share an article and podcast from a very wonderful woman working with others in recovery. Her name is Belle and during the week I received this beautiful piece in my Gmail inbox – just like nearly every day since I became aware of Belle.

Belle has a wonderful website and penpal service called Tired of Thinking About Drinking (I sure am).

I know readers will love her as much as I do. Here is Belle Robertson.

Being sober is something you learn how to do.
It’s not something that you white-knuckle
or willpower yourself into.
That would be like saying
i can willpower myself to run a marathon
even though i don’t
read the books
have a coach
wear the right clothes
or know what i’m doing.

You can’t hold your breath
and run a marathon
and be successful.
you’re going to go out
and fall over
and then say
wow this is really hard…

If you approach sobriety
with the same kind of attitude,
it’s not just about holding on,
it’s not just white-knuckling,
it’s about figuring out
what you need to do:
a book
a coach
a program
what to wear
what to eat when…

Because to talk about this
as if it involves willpower
means that if you’re not successful at being sober
that you’re not strong enough —
which is incorrect.

If you’re not successful at being sober
it means you don’t have enough
and accountability.

it’s not about willpower.
And don’t let wolfie tell you that it is.
That’s one way of him beating you over the head with
“you are not good enough’,
‘you are not strong enough’.

And we all know that’s bullshit.


Belle Robertson

Tired of Thinking About Drinking

(she’s the one who started the 100-Day sober challenge in 2013, and coined the name ‘wolfie’)

One Minute Audio Messages (the willpower quote is a transcript of OMM #169) > www.sobermessage.com/signup (free)

Website > www.TiredofThinkingAboutDrinking.com

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