Are You a Worthless Piece of Shit?

For years I have had something wrong with me. Maybe you do too.

Low Self Worth

For whatever reasons I did not believe I was worth a lot, and it’s taken me 55 years of naval gazing and alcoholic drinking to come to this conclusion.

I am reading the ‘You Are Not Alone Guide’ by Dr.Berni Sewell, a Swiss woman who through her website “The Self Worth Experiment’, helps people like me and possibly you see our true worth.

“Right now, low self-worth is ruining your life”.

• It causes you to doubt your abilities

• It misleads you to believe that you are worthless without other people’s approval.

• It tricks you into thinking that you aren’t good enough.

• It convinces you that you are unlovable

It’s Killin’ Me

“So, you procrastinate new projects” – right now I’m in the middle of launching my Happy Sober & Frickin Awesome podcast. It’s killing me.

“crystal ball that could disclose what others think of you”. If I didn’t care about how you will react to the amateurishness of the production and the funny way my voice sounds and the borrrrring nature of the information, it would have been released last month!

“You live in constant fear that you will be exposed as a pathetic, incapable and unworthy fraud”. This what I think you think, AND worse still, it is WHAT I THINK TOO.

“constantly worry about how to lose ten pounds, earn a different degree or land a higher paying job, so you can finally be accepted and happy” Well, all I really want is to be happy. The Buddha says that happiness is just peace of mind. WHAT’S THAT??

“you suppress your true self because you consider yourself unacceptable”. Ask any of my ex-wives.

Photo by Chris Barbalis on Unsplash

A study I was reading this week reported that subjects were assessed by a random audience as to what sort of person they were based upon a 2 minute presentation. The subject also did a personality test prior to the speech and the results show that the audience assessed the subject more correctly than the subject himself.

Stanger than Fiction

Can random strangers tell more about me than I know about myself from a 2-minute talk? No wonder my wives felt so frustrated when I didn’t deliver my full potential. I had so much more to give, apparently!

Dr Sewell has a questionnaire that I filled out to find out what was my main stumbling block to happiness. The results and her advice have been great help for me.

In a short period of time, I have more time for myself, better peace, and greater focus on what is important. I am less likely to procrastinate now because I’m not stumbling on what others might think of me. (So, How do you like me so far?)

My addiction has always been about my inability to deal with life, others and feeling appropriate. Whilst I don’t drink any longer, I am still susceptible to feelings of ‘not-good-enough’ and ‘fraud’.

Slowly., I’m getting more free of those limitations, and better able to be myself in public and in private.

This is Berni’s final comment on this guide. “You can finally accept that nothing is wrong with you. You do not need to resign yourself to an unfulfilling life of mediocrity, a depressing dead-end job or an unhappy relationship. You ARE worth! You are good enough! and you can be proud of yourself!”

love alwaz

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