We love communing with all addicts; trusting that together with Buddha-dharma we can laugh, learn, and grow with agility, to live courageously and with integrity.

Are you struggling with addiction and can’t connect with a Higher Power as they tell you to at 12 Step meetings?

Or, are you sober a little while and think, “WTF! What’s the use if I’m miserable?”Alcoholism can lead to futility and cynicism

For two and a half years I struggled to give up my 30-year alcoholism career. Those of you who have tried and slipped for any length of time will know the particular type of hell that Busting is. When I went to my doctor for Valium to avoid the delirium tremens that came with my withdrawal, he said he had never seen a liver like mine in a living human before.

Then I got another doctor that I could see at night for the times that I tried not drinking on my own – I couldn’t get through the day without Valium.  The first doctor soon got rid of the second doctor.

All of my friends….drinking buddies….left me for dead (except Pete, because Pete died from his alcoholism one morning). The girlfriend that got me to AA in the first place deserted me.  When my Dad died and I had to look after my demented Mum, things were looking hilariously bleak. A 70-year-old woman with Alzheimer’s looking after her alcoholic son and vice-a-versa.

Well, I did find me a Higher Power and it came by me surprisingly, when I had let go of trying to do it myself.

Having decided to do 90 meetings in 90 days, I walked into a shop where I had been dozens of times before and found God.  Well, Buddha, actually.

Since that day I have been sober and Buddhist(y).  Sit down for another 10 years and I’ll tell you the whole story.

The greatest news is that I am able to help others now when I couldn’t help myself. There is compassion in my heart for others when before there was envy.  There is wisdom in the words I read now instead of the racing form guide. I have a program of positive action instead of desperate borrowing to get another drink and a packet of fags.

Plus, I get to meet lots of new people just like me every day in person and online through dharmaholic.com, Medium and Quora, social media, and from running courses.

One of the greatest challenges and benefits of having to beat alcoholism is you have to meet yourself.  Learning who you are and what you are about is the hardest thing because your ‘drug of choice’ has been there to avoid doing this and allowing you to grow up.

An Alcoholic Dad sober at his daughters wedding




So, if you have the time, I have the inclination. Dharmaholic.com is here to help you meet Yourself, your Higher Power and long-term Happy Sobriety






Have you considered the teachings of the Buddha – Buddhadharma – as a guide for addiction recovery?

Simplifying my life with the principles of Buddhism and also adopting a way of life that is nourishing and loving has made all the difference.

Dharmaholic is about alcoholism and Buddhism, and everything else.


…before we get to know each other, let’s get in bed…

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This Quest – Writing About Alcoholism and Buddhism

I began in earnest on this blogging adventure in January 2018, after a few false starts.  Beginning Sobriety is an early outpouring to help others identify with powerlessness.  In a society consumed with Power, it is in recognising our vulnerability that we can progress forward to a new beginning.

The second step of alcoholism recovery is to accept that a Higher Power can relieve you of your dilemma.  For some, this is difficult because God has a negative past in our memory.

So in February, I wrote 5 Things You’ll Love About Buddhism, a reflection for me, on the lovely, surprising things I learned in my first months of learning Buddhism.  I hope you like the article even if you’re not a Buddhist.

The third month of the year, for me, is a time to renew my vow. I was instructed to turn my will and my life over to the care of God, and I have made vows of Refuge and Bodhichitta. In “A Controversial Buddhist Understanding Of Resurrection”, I write about the inward journey of renewal.

Please journey inwards with me.  My alcoholism may not be similar to your story, but our humanness is.  The human condition is of struggle and pain.

Buddhism may be your cup of tea, but the need to rely on a Higher Power of your own understanding is a communion of sorts. It is this shared imperative that I’m interested in discussing with you.  It’s not all about alcoholism and Buddhism, you see?

It’s about love and understanding.  I hope you read on and let me explain.


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Just out “The Peace You Get When You Let Go”.

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