8 Steps to Getting More of What You Want

  1. Want less
  2. Want less
  3. Want less
  4. Want less
  5. Want less
  6. Want less
  7. Want less
  8. Want less

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A famous dictum of Buddhism is ‘be happy: desire less’. Don’t you think that is wisdom at it’s elementary best?

Most of us need more explicit instructions. Our lives are so complex.

In the 11th Century, a revered Kadampa Monk, Bodhisattva Langri Tangpa wrote Lojong Tsig Gyema or Eight Verses of Training The Mind. In only eight verses he encapsulated the complete essence of the Buddhist path to enlightenment.

Great praise to Langri Tangpa and all the translators throughout time.

As Geshe Kelsang Gyatso says in the introduction to the latest edition, he shows us how we can transform our confused and self-centred mind into the perfect wisdom and compassion of the Buddha.

We discover that although most of us desire to be free of suffering and want to be happy, we don’t understand the true cause of happiness. We tend to look for happiness and satisfaction of desires outside our mind.

Throughout the great text, we can discover that the true source of happiness is a peaceful mind. Sounds like a freaky space-age idea!

Get Chilled

Let’s all smoke Marijuana and meditate with the Marley’s.

Photo by Sachin Amarasinghe on Unsplash

Test it out though. As soon as our needs or desires are met a new set of wants arise.

Picture going to a perfect white sandy beach at the ideal temperature and a slight breeze. Even add in your ideal partner and a nice drink.

How long will it take before you want something else? A snack? Music? “Oh, I’d really love to have that book I’ve been waiting to read”. See?

Even if we sit in a really comfy chair we’ll have to wriggle and change our bum position every now and then. It’s just not quite right.


These are simplistic examples of a much greater malaise. SELFISHNESS.

Addiction to Self

In the Alcoholics Anonymous manual, the founders point out that selfishness, self-centeredness and self-will are the roots of our addictions.

“Driven by a hundred forms of fear, self-delusion, self-seeking and self-pity, we step on the toes of our fellows and they retaliate. Sometimes they hurt us, seemingly without PROVOCATION.”

Bahahahahahahahahaha!. Oh shit! I love that one.

Put simply, it’s easy to see that a person in the depths of addiction would easily sink into a cloud of Self that makes seeing things from others’ perspective difficult.

But what about everyone else?

The 21st Century sees a lot of us in a quandary.

The technological revolution has brought many benefits. We are more aware of the damage we have done to the planet and each other, and we can access a wide range of views and knowledge.

Yet we continue to exacerbate the financial divide and each of us goes about business as usual; fighting each other up the ladder of the corporations that pollute our home planet.

We then race home to see if our children have been murdered or how our war is going against (add your favorite enemy here).

“Slavery made it impossible for every person to have anything. An ideological devotion to capitalism made it impossible for society to invest in itself. And a society founded upon a strict hierarchy — whites, browns, blacks, each punching down the last — developed no norms or values to push it in the direction of basics of life that were affordable for everyone”. umair haque

Spiritual Fitness

So how are we all going without a 12 Step Program or a Spiritual Guide?

The solutions to the troubles we faced in the 11th century that Langri Tangpa gave us, are equally useful for the alcoholic and non-alcoholic…


The 12 Steps that were found successful for the first 100 members are prescriptions for today’s alcoholic and ‘normal’ alike.

The steps to happiness revolve around thinking mostly about others and less about ourselves.

A mind that continually wants, is an unhappy mind.

The mind of being aware of others, having compassion for their suffering and helping them get what they want, is a happy mind.

Generally, our Politicians, Clergy, Businesspeople, Civil Servants, Teachers and Parents could do with a check up.

Isn’t that all of us?

love alwaz

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