Are you ready to get free from your addiction?


…we are



How long will YOU wait?

When I was 20 years old I was referred to a Psychiatrist because my doctor felt there was something wrong with me. The Psychiatrist treated me for alcoholism and depression. 25 years later I was sober.

If you want to wait to see if you can live that long in your disease then simply ignore this and have another drink.

If you want to learn something about yourself and live happily ever after then try this for three days

What have you got to lose except your insanity, illness and constant depression?

Why do the FREE 72 Hour Challenge?

  1. Alcoholism is madness – you can think better if you stop now
  2. Your health will get better immediately
  3. Family and Friends will return to your life
  4. Financially you’ll be way better off
  5. Your Self-Worth will explode

7. You will smell better and smell betterer!
8. The immune system returns and colds will be fewer
9. Soon you’ll have abundant energy
10. You can keep your job, or get one.

"When I came out of hospital I needed a buddy. Mike showed me love and also how to trust in a Power Greater than myself. I am now married happy and sober 7 years.
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