5 Tremendous Benefits of Gratitude

Gratitude for a miracle seems a fait accompli.

I came home from a morning walk (actually, I went to the furthest Cafe in town!) and along the way, I took these photographs. I was so filled with gratitude for:-

  1. Being sober
  2. Realising how lucky I am
  3. Having great beauty around me
  4. Living in an age where I can write down my feelings and share them with others

I decided then, that gratitude would be the topic of my writing today. You will look better, the relationships will improve because you will be friendlier.

When researching the subject I stumbled across this wonderfully detailed article by Happier Humans. In summary here are five major benefits of having a high level of gratitude in your attitude.


Not only will you feel better emotionally but more resilient. Being grateful means you won’t be so envious of others too


I know from addiction recovery that the biggest problem I have is me. Funny, but gratitude means having less self-centeredness and more esteem, people will like being around you more too.

Photo by Lucas Lenzi on Unsplash


Following on from the last point, social life has to increase both in quantity and quality.


The research is in. Gratitude makes you healthier in so many ways. When you’re grateful you tend to sleep better and exercise longer giving you significant health benefits.


According to the author, “Gratitude makes you a more effective manager,c1,c2 helps you network, increases your decision-making capabilities, increases your productivity, and helps you get mentors and proteges”.

So BE GRATEFUl. It’s fun, healthful, and brilliant for your social and work life.

love alwaz

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One thought on “5 Tremendous Benefits of Gratitude

  1. I ain’t what I wanted to be
    I ain’t what I ought to be
    I ain’t what I’m going to be
    I Thank whatever power that be
    I ain’t what used to be

    Personal version of a thankful prayer shared when talking about the please prayer – grant me serenity!
    Finding the courage, still seeking wisdom.
    Hugs Margot.

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