5 Days To A Brand New Life

5 Days To A Brand New Life

(you’ll get it whether you do this or not)

If you have clicked on this story you may have been tempted by it’s alluring headline. If that is true then you have maybe opened articles like this before. Am I right?

I have been working a lot over the last 10 years on myself and my image of self. Whilst I’m not an expert on anything really, (ed. See what I just did?) I am fairly confident that I know myself better than before and probably I know myself than others know themselves. (Maybe not)

“The unexamined life is not worth living”. Socrates

Recently I have been impressed to challenge my concept of self-esteem verses self-worth. Here are some of the ideas written down and published in Medium for you to discuss, critique and contemplate.

Selfesteem is what we think and feel and believe about ourselves. Selfworth is recognizing “I am greater than all of those things”. … That’s why I believe the pursuit of selfesteem is a myth. But having selfesteem means “feeling good about ourselves.”Mar 9, 2013 Dr Christina Hibbert

Dr Hibbert says in another article “Self-esteem, to me, is more external, surface, conditional, and changing, while self-worth is internal, deep, unconditional, and enduring”.


The unconditional word is what strikes me as most significant.

If, as I was told in AA, that ‘if I do esteemable things I will develop self-esteem’, then if I don’t and if I stop then my self-esteem is lost. Well, I know from my history and from others behaviour, that we cannot and do not continue to do esteemable things all the time. It’s not possible.

And sainthood isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be…I tried that too.

I believe now, after 10 years sobriety, that all my life I have been trying to live up to some considered norm, or value, that I never thought I had.

I achieved high marks in school but never thought of myself highly. I was the best squash player in my family and then my school, but I didn’t think I was much.

I married my pregnant girlfriend at 17 and don’t feel like I was a tremendous father, husband, or person.

And so on throughout life, achieving great sales, passing exams, and being lauded in the workplace – I never felt good enough and I drank alcoholically.

Some others find their solace in shopping, eating, sex and drugs. I was a great drinker. But I was wasn’t a worthy person.

Even in AA groups and in the Buddhist sangha I failed to find true self-worth.

So where was I mistaken? How can I find worth in my life? That is the question I have been asking and I’m here to share my results.

It was best explained to me through analogy – I LOVE analogy.

Dr Berni Sewell is my new Worthiness Wonder Woman. She writes…

“But one day, while I was sitting on the sofa rocking my daughter to sleep in my arms, I looked at her and suddenly realised how infinitely worthy and valuable she was”.

Bingo. In that moment I realised my error. I had always had the same worth and always will. No matter what.

What a momentous occasion.

Finally, I can be myself and realise that my worth has not altered, no matter what. My worth is not Dependant on what I think or what others think…I am Worth.

It’s funny though. I have spent my life trying to do the right thing by everybody. The World, the Government, fellow travellers, and especially my family. I did this so that I could be loved by them.

What is different now – not my behaviour, because I still believe in doing the next right thing.

My love of self is changed because I don’t have to do those things to be loved. I am loved. I am love.

And the real difference is that I can love myself – even if I leave the toilet seat up.

I can love myself despite farting in the elevator.

I am lovable regardless of the number of claps I get for this article.

In the long term I believe that the time I don’t spend on proving my self-worth will be time that I can spend on loving others more. And THAT is something that I am really looking forward to.

love alwaz

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3 thoughts on “5 Days To A Brand New Life

  1. EXACTLY what I believe changed about my own self-worth. It’s independent of anything I ever say, do, or think. It can’t be judged as anything less than perfect, regardless of what the world sometimes tries to make me believe.

    Fantastic post!

    1. Thank you so much. My worth has never changed apparently. But I didn’t realise that until recently, and I pulled myself out of the proverbial gutter and dusted myself off. It feels good to be me again.

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