5 Beautiful Things You’ll Love About Buddhism

N.B. This article is a summary by me of Luna Kadampa’s https://kadampalife.org/.
…because I can’t make this stuff up! It’s fantastic!

World Peace

In 2018, the Earth is in turmoil. Guess what?

It always has been.

Today, we have wars of another magnitude and vile methods of hurting each other. And here is the GOOD NEWS!

Buddhism has been advocating, teaching and practising world peace since around 500 B.C..

It does that by coaching you to BE PEACEFUL. If everyone on the planet engaged in peacefulness we would have world peace.

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Loving-kindness is Buddha’s most famous ‘thing’. Everyone loves that loving kindness feeling that you get when you see a Nun or a Monk. Loving Kindness though, if practised, will end racism, discrimination, and hatred in all it’s ugly forms.

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My girlfriend, who is a practising Zen Buddhist (I follow a Tibetan Tradition) and I often discuss Love and Attachment, and how our minds play games.

We agree that Attachment is how you make me feel, and Love is the way I make you feel. And all relationships will have a combination of the two.

As long as I am conscious of loving her, rather than wanting her to make me feel good, then we’re on the right track. It’s good for our sex life too!

Same goes for ALL relationships across the spectrum.

Whether your relationships are the business kind with colleagues and clients, or more intimate social ones between friends and relatives, giving more and desiring to receive less is the formula for loving kindness.

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World Peace and Loving Kindness will go a long way to bringing about inner happiness. Yet none of us are experts at living in the moment and we worry about the future. Hope for the future is a natural extension of caring for our own mind and the well being of all sentient beings.

If what the World needs now is Love, Sweet Love, then Hope adds the Zippety-Doo-Da to the step forward.

Hope is for dessert as Love is for dinner.

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Yes! The Rebel yell.

It is not, “Who’s going to win the ultimate battle, the dark side, the light side?!”, says Luna Kadampa. It’s the war between ignorance and wisdom. And it in all of us, right now.

The ignorance has its day in the sunshine but eventually, Wisdom will win. The Wisdom that realises Emptiness is the ultimate truth wisdom.

When we all realise the emptiness of all phenomena, ignorance will be annihilated.

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