HS&FA Summary Mindmap

Pat Flynn says in his outstanding book, ‘Will It Fly’, to write 400-500 words on what HS&FA podcast is about. At first, I thought this is silly because the podcast is about alcoholism recovery done through the lens of a Buddhist. That’s what everything at Dharmaholic is about. The podcast is just another delivery medium. […]

How I Overcame Addiction – You Will Too

I drank alcoholically for 30 years and now I don’t. In the beginning, I was a guts for alcohol even though I didn’t get my hands on it very often. I was about 13. Weddings were good, because a.) it was okay to let the kids have one or two sips…it’s funny even! And b.) […]

Your Parents Made You And You’re An Alcoholic

There’s no question that our behavior, thinking, and emotions are both hardwired within us and influenced by our environment. From alcoholism to masturbation addiction and everything known to man, the mind and it’s development in childhood still holds a lot of answers to our physical and emotional p

5 Tremendous Benefits of Gratitude

Gratitude for a miracle seems a fait accompli. I came home from a morning walk (actually, I went to the furthest Cafe in town!) and along the way, I took these photographs. I was so filled with gratitude for:- Being sober Realising how lucky I am Having great beauty around me Living in an age […]

Are You Crying Out For Connection?

Around 10-12% of the adult people in the civilised world are addicted to something life-threatening like drugs or alcohol and most of them will never read that thank you letter.

Pleasure and Pain – Its a Fine Line 2

“The greater part of human pain is unnecessary. It is self-created as long as the unobserved mind runs your life”. Gross, Subtle, Very Subtle – States of Minds In my previous article, I discussed the nature of mind, and how whether we are awake, asleep or deceased matters to the mind that is present. Also, […]