Happy Days – Sober Nights

I am like Shirley Smith. “…When I began steps on my path towards personal freedom, I felt frightened, inadequate, lonely, and trapped. I was sick and tired of pain, confusion, and trying so hard at everything I did. This emotional bottom brought me to a point where I was willing to go to any lengths […]

The Bridge between alcoholism and recovery can be found through Buddhism among other things

Get 100% Physical Relief From Alcoholism With This 4-Point ‘Loving You’ Plan

It has been explained to me that my alcoholism is Mental, Physical, and Spiritual. Previously on Medium and my website dharmaholic.com, I have written at length about the Spiritual and Mental parts of the malady, alcoholism. For 10 years or more I have been looking for an easy, simpler way to stay sober and be […]

Alcoholics and buddhists pray to a Higher Power or God

Yourself, God, and Another Human Being

Alcoholism Alcoholism is a broad shit-load of experience. It affects not only the drinker but just about everyone that comes in contact with s/he! Why we have to express our remorse out loud I will try to explain here. We don’t leave primary school and think to ourselves, “Now, let’s go learn how to piss […]