Are You Placing The Right Demands On Yourself?

No Pressure Guide to Happiness I am really pleased to introduce a new writer to LotusRoom audience members today. I know very little about YoungKody, but I know what I like. I hope you do too. This article is a complete copy and paste of YoungKody’s article in The site is Existing Peacefully. The path to […]

Alcoholism can lead to pain and death

Heal Your Shit Before It Hits The Fan

Shame is Everywhere and You Can Do Something About It Shame Shame manifests silently in our daily habits, actions and thoughts…until it doesn’t. Then it manifests ugly! When a shame-bound person acts inappropriately often enough, people are going to get hurt, and not least of all, the shame-bound person themselves. “I had no idea I was […]

Alcoholic woman in Bed nearly naked

4 Secrets That Will Save Your Wife

(SUBSTITUTE YOUR OWN PARTNERS TAG FOR ‘WIFE’) Bon Voyage Whether you have been successful in maintaining the same loving relationship for-everrrrrr, or are experimenting again with a new lover, we can all use a few tips now and then. I could have several times in my life. Now in the fourth year of what I describe […]

Sex, Drugs and Bacon Rolls

Sex, Security and Society – Your Instincts Gone Awry

In alcoholism as in everyday life, our basic instincts are usually unbalanced, inappropriate and unhelpful. Buddhism helped me. I also write on Medium and today you can read this article there. It’s a way that I can get some money for my writing.  It’s a true story about the theory that not only addicts have neurotic […]