The New Normal & Becoming Really Real

Maybe my chemistry is just balancing itself out? Perhaps this becoming vegan thing blended with alcohol withdrawal and my daily handful of medications is messing with my hormone levels? Levels that are already out of check and balance, like a biological budget blown out of the water.

Stop Fearing God! (False Evidence Appearing Real)

Have you ever heard of the acronym F.E.A.R. — false evidence appearing real? It’s in common usage in 12 Step Meetings to help the newcomer overcome obstacles in the early days of recovery. There are many! Denial, the first of the obstacles, is usually overcome (or not) within the first days. No one, whether alcoholic […]

5 Beautiful Things You’ll Love About Buddhism

N.B. This article is a summary by me of Luna Kadampa’s …because I can’t make this stuff up! It’s fantastic! World Peace In 2018, the Earth is in turmoil. Guess what? It always has been. Today, we have wars of another magnitude and vile methods of hurting each other. And here is the GOOD NEWS! Buddhism […]

3 Ways Buddha’s Help You When You’re Powerless Over Alcohol

After 27 years of seeking refuge in alcohol, I reached a stage where living and dying were equally abhorrent choices My liver almost made the choice for me. The most outstanding memory of this time was how the body and spirit were nearly dead, yet the ego was as powerful as ever. I went to […]

You’re Going on a Long Journey

The quote “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, is from Lao Tzu the founder of Taoism. What I love about Taoism is that it represents a tremendous wealth of wisdom for life yet does not suffuse any religiosity with that knowledge. When I was getting sober, I was told a […]